Serve Volleyball Academy is proud to display testimonials from our Serve Family. We love our athletes and it shows! Serve has a 100% ratio of visitors to registrants; every athlete stopping in for a visit to try us out has come back to join us!  


Thank you very much! It has all worked out for the best as Serve is exactly what we were looking for. Colleen is very happy and is having a great time.I  can't believe how much Colleen has learned at Serve in such a short time.

"I wanted to tell you thank you VERY much for welcoming my daughter into the group. She said the girls were amazing and made her feel like part of the team immediately. She is so excited and cannot wait to go back. She loved the bible verse at the beginning and the prayer at the end. I knew she would love the Christian aspect as well. Big kudos to you as I am sure you have had something to do with teaching the girls the "welcoming" aspect as well as Volleyball.
I look forward to meeting you next week. Very thankful God led me to reach out to you!"      Carla Landrum

"Thank you so much for the program you guys provide. My daughter, Addison has really loved being a part of it this winter."
Melissa Parsons

"Thank you so much for the wonderful lesson yesterday! Caroline and Maddie talked about how much fun they had the whole way home! You are a great instructor!"     
Blessings, Jennifer Freeman

"You have no idea what an impact you’ve had, especially on our sweet girl. I would tell you in person, but I’d get all gushy and weepy and then I’d be embarrassed.  
She has struggled to find her place athletically, and with your love, patience, and encouragement, she has with VB.  She is working hard in club now and will continue with it, in large part because of the foundation you provided for her.  She is excited about the team that she is playing with (all of whom are such sweet girls), and the trainers that she works with at athletic republic.  And while I couldn’t say enough good things about them, you are the one who gave her a safe place to begin to grow.  We will be forever thankful for that.  I hope you enjoy the holiday season and know that in our family, we count you as a blessing."       Hugs, Beth

"My daughter started at Serve yesterday. She has never played volleyball before and she was very leery and nervous about going and then really nervous about even going into the gym.  Well, she had a blast! She loved it! She wanted to go to the store as soon as we left to get her own volleyball. I thought the class was very organized, there was hardly any down time, transitions were quick, the girls started learning skills immediately, the were incorporating Bible verses in a real life way .. I vas very impressed! Thank you so much for this program and for doing it at TWUMC!"     Sincerely,   Monica Wetzig

". . . I love Serve Prep and look forward to seeing it continue to grow here at TWUMC.  Thanks for all you do for the kids and the the Kingdom!"
In Christ, Rev Jason Nelson

Thank you for your kind words. Your feedback is important to our program and it means the world to us!

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